Traffic Accident

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We strive to assure the victim of a traffic accident would get proper restitution and coverage. Our attorneys will negotiate with the insurance company involved and / or apply for disability grade on your behalf, while you can focus on treatment of your injuries.
We have a lot of experience in settling with insurance companies and handling court cases, which also involve calculation of percentage of fault, disability grade, lost earnings, compensation etc.
We provide initial consultations for free and don’t ask for a start up fee, but work on a contingency fee basis. Do not hesitate to contact us!
The insurance covering legal expenses also applies.

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Procedure Flow

First, at an initial (free) consultation, we will estimate approximate amount of possible restitution; explain about the legal procedures in Japan and about pros and cons of hiring an attorney. Traffic accident cases usually start by negotiating with in an insurance company of an offender. The major matters are: percentage of fault, disability grade, direct damages, lost earnings, and moral compensation. Further, negotiations can be followed by a court trial.

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Upon retainer we will immediately send a case acceptance letter to the insurance company involved. This will inform the insurance company that you retained us as your attorney. Upon receipt of such letter the insurance company will communicate all the matters to the attorney.

Thus, you can focus on your treatment while we are processing your case.



Service Consultation Fee (without tax)
Initial consultation (first 30 min) 0 yen

Legal Services

Service Start up Fee (w/o tax) Legal Fee (w/o tax)
Representation of plaintiff 0 yen 200,000 yen +10 % of recovered amount


  • 1) If you have legal expenses covered by your insurance, please advise us about it.
  • 2) Costs (mailing, transportation, official fees) will be charged separately.
  • 3) 80% of cases are settled out of court. However, if you wish to have a court trial (it takes approximately one year to get a decision) we can agree to do it for a separate fee.
  • 4) If you require the assistance to be in English language, extra fee (starting from 100,000 yen) will be charged.


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